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The Original WineDisc® brand wine pouring disc

Roll up this clever 3" silver mylar disc and place it half way down the neck of any bottle for a worry-free pour

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How to use a Wine Disc

What is that thing, and how do I use it?!

WineDisc is an ingenious way to ensure the perfect pour every time.

  1. Pull out a single disc from the pack
  2. Roll up the disc like so...
  3. Drop it about halfway into the neck of your favorite bottle of wine... and voila!    more of that annoying drip down the side of the bottle


Why should you have WineDisc® ??

  • no more red stains on grandma's white table cloth
  • easy to use... roll it up and drop it in the bottle
  • rinse and re-use... again and again
  • portable... just drop a handful in your pocket for easy transport.. lies flat, not bulky or heavy
  • economical and works like a charm


Custom Printing and Packaging

Looking to customize our WineDiscs for a special event or as a marketing tool for your business?   Send us your artwork... or let us create something just for you.  We can customize packaging, offer full color printing on the discs... or a combo of the two.


How to use the Original WineDisc® brand wine pouring disc. Tops the list of must-have wine accessories.  Drop stopping power!

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